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From the principal’s desk…

The coronavirus pandemic has spurred the adoption of online learning at all education levels. With the pandemic, schools rushed to fill gaps in their online infrastructures. This quick and mandatory shift reinforced the most challenging aspects. The focus is not about experimenting with technology but an emergency response to the demanding situation. Life is not always a bed of roses but it certainly does   provide ‘Possibilities and Opportunities’ to move towards success. The brighter stars emerge out of the blackest darkness which parallels with our motto “Darkness to light”. We nurture, encourage and guide students to gain leadership qualities which is valuable and can be carried over into their adult life. We are looking forward to forging wonderful partnerships with you, dear parents , as we work together to give your child a healthy mind and happy soul, to make a mark in this global world as a child equipped with 21st century skills , mindset and qualities that will enable them to strive for better future in the world of tomorrow. 

"Darkness To light hand in hand, as we go Blossoming,

maturing with confidence galore Keeping Bethania flag

on flying high With our toil relentless to our goal"