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Bethany Asram was established by Fr. Alexious in 1918 at Rani Perunad. It is the first monastry  of the  Malankara Orthadox Church. Bethany Asram has a unique role in the history of the church. Due to the spiritual atmosphere, security and togetherness the Asram provided many were attracted towards it.
        Fr. Alexious and his followers adopted the Indian tradition of the Hindu Sanyasis and accepted the “Kavi Kuppayam”. They bore a small wooden cross along with their simple dress. For the strict spiritual life they lead and the rules they follow they are given “ The order of the Imitation of Christ” – OIC
        When Fr. ALexious became H.G. Alexious Mar Theodosios OIC he established a branch of Bethany Asram at Kunnmakulam. The year 1965 saw the beginning of a new U.P. School in Kunnamkulam which later become the St. Johns Bethany Higher Secondary School.